The fundamental value of audit is maintaining the integrity of the business and, for listed companies, the sustainability of its share price value over the long-term.



We’re positioned to provide tailored advice in all areas of taxation, helping our clients make properly informed decisions about their tax position



We deliver an integrated solution in which business plans, funding, processes and resources are fully aligned to deliver on strategic objectives.


IT and digital technology is now fundamental to business growth, change and success. But not all organisations have the skills they need to define an IT strategy suited to their needs or to implement new business systems successfully.

IT can no longer be treated as a support function or an afterthought to the business strategy. Effective use of IT can drive growth, open up new channels to market and drive operational efficiency through automation and standardisation.

Transforming organisations

Technologies such as cloud computing, robotics, artificial intelligence and ‘big data’ present opportunities to transform internal operations. Yet many middle market and public sector organisations still struggle with the basics: how to define and implement an effective IT strategy and how to integrate disparate business systems?

Clemco’s technology consulting team provide practical support that businesses need to select and implement the right IT solutions. We specialise in managing the IT challenges faced by growing businesses and changing organisations by:

  • putting the right skills and governance in place to deliver an effective IT strategy;
  • selecting and implementing the right business systems;
  • delivering large-scale IT change programmes; and
  • clarifying how digital technologies can be used to support growth plans.

Supercharge your finance teams and operations

Our finance and performance improvement consultants help drive organisational excellence by streamlining operations and supercharging finance teams.

In today’s world, a high performing finance team and streamlined operations are no longer optional – they are standard in organisations that wish to outperform their competitors.

The lifeblood of driving success against strategy is up to date, insightful management information. Often our clients tell us that their processing is inefficient or their management accounts do not give them the insight they need. Sometimes a business’s operations need an outside perspective in order to drive efficiency.

Empowering you to fulfil your potential

We work with you to understand your current position, find out where you want to be, and support you through the transition. We find ‘quick wins’ and longer term improvement opportunities and empower you to ‘own’ the solution. We also work closely with colleagues within the Technology Consulting team to provide wider transformation services.

Too many projects and programmes fail to deliver their benefits on time, on budget, and at an acceptable level of risk. Organisations are now undertaking more projects and programmes than ever, and organisational success can depend on your capability to deliver.

Evaluating the impact of publicly funded policies, programmes and organisations is essential to understanding their contribution to government policy, objectives and national prosperity. Without evidence, those receiving funding run the risk of their contributions being under-valued or under-supported.

Demonstrating the worth of public sector investments

The public sector needs to be assured that the limited funds they are investing are achieving the best possible outcomes in order to justify their use.

In order to help establish the value of these investments we provide proven methodologies and experienced teams who evaluate these programmes and policies. These evaluations not only demonstrate the impacts of the investments made, but help identify areas for improvement or highlight where new service delivery models could be utilised.

Making the case for government funding in the private sector

Private sector organisations utilising public funding must also demonstrate that they are making a value for money contribution to government policy.

We offer the expertise to evaluate the direct and indirect impacts and benefits of the initiatives being delivered through this funding, which can then be used as a business case to secure future funding.

Our team specialise in advising organisations on procurement, commercial contract risk and maximising value from complex commercial arrangements.

For most organisations, contracts and commercial relationships play a vital role in achieving success. Businesses that are commercially astute, negotiate strong contracts and have rigorous contract management are at a distinct competitive advantage.

Get more from your procurement and contractual relationships

Our specialist team has extensive experience in helping you manage commercial contract risk and to deliver enhanced value from your contractual relationships. We advise and support you in both the private and public sectors through:

  • building capability in knowledge, processes and controls to get the most out of procurement and contractual relationships;
  • recovering value lost from under-performing commercial relationships; and
  • providing assurance that procurement, contracts and associated processes and controls are operating as intended.

More specifically, our service offering can be broken down as follows:

  • procurement and contract management process improvement;
  • cost savings on existing contracts;
  • strategic sourcing, demand management and procurement effectiveness;
  • contract cost and performance compliance;
  • contract management training;
  • capital projects;
  • supply chain risk;
  • outsourcing contracts;
  • in-sourcing projects;
  • commercial contract training and learning solutions;
  • contracts for complex projects;
  • contract negotiations; and
  • commercial internal audit.



The value we place on our ability to develop leaders and the need to continually grow our collective technical expertise to meet the needs of ever more sophisticated clients.


Always dealing with our clients and our colleagues in a fair and ethical manner; gaining trust through our actions.


We engage the concept of quality in everything we do, having a service-mindset when dealing with clients and demanding a lot of ourselves.